My name is Ted Johansson and I am a professional artist. I am the creator of the company Wanted Design and I accept drawing assignments of various kind.

Photographer: Joel Mattsson

I have been a freelance artist for the Swedish comic book “Bamse – the strongest bear in the world” since 2005 but have also done other kind of assignments. I have among other things done illustrations for two companies and for song and children´s books.

This is the only page in English on my site. Although you can´t read Swedish I think you will find it easy to look through my Portfolio. Just click on “Portfolio” on the ruler. In the first folder (Blandade illustrationer) you find drawings I have done for publishing houses,  private persons etc. In the second folder (Foretagsillustrationer) you find illustrations I have done for companies. The last folder (Skisser) contains sketches.

I am interested in all kind of drawing assignments. If you think my drawing style fit to your product please contact me by mail or phone.

Kind regards!
Ted Johansson

Wanted Design
Ted Johansson
Doktor Stroms vag 3H
S-241 37 Eslöv

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Phone: +46 (0)76 224 32 32

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